Rooftop Solar

As your trusted energy advisor, Coastal Electric Cooperative can help you make smart energy investments, including right-sizing a rooftop solar installation to best meet your needs, goals, and financial objectives. We can help you understand your current electricity use, the many important factors to consider with a rooftop solar installation, and what you can expect to gain from your investment.

Please take the opportunity to review the resources on this page and call us at (800) 421-2343 to speak with one of our experienced energy advisors.

Rooftop Solar Resource Center

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Is Solar Rooftop Right for You?

These questions can help determine if rooftop solar makes sense for your electricity needs and financial goals.

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Rooftop Solar FAQ

Cost? Energy savings? Your most commonly asked rooftop solar questions, answered.

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Questions to Ask a Solar Installer

From expected electricity generation to financing arrangements, be sure to ask a solar installer these questions.

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Options: Cooperative or Rooftop

You have several options for solar energy, including our Cooperative Solar program and/or rooftop solar.

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Be Aware: Get Facts, Not Fiction

Consumers are sometimes misinformed by solar installers. We want you to be cautious and informed.

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Six Steps to Rooftop Solar

Considering a rooftop solar system for your home? Complete these important steps prior to a rooftop solar installation.

Local Residential & Commercial Solar Contractors

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Solar contractor? Installing solar panels at your home?

If you’re a solar contractor or homeowner seeking to install solar panels at your home, you’ll need our Interconnect Agreement. Download and read this document first then if you have questions call (912) 884-3311 and ask for Jason Smith.