Storm Safety

Safety is of paramount importance as a storm approaches and while it’s happening. Follow our tips below to make sure you and your family are safe and sound.

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Follow Instructions

Listen to local officials and be prepared to mobilize and evacuate quickly if they tell you to do so.

Stay Safely Indoors

Do not venture outside during severe weather, and be sure to stay away from windows when you are inside.

Unplug Equipment

Disconnect electronic equipment such as TVs and computers to avoid electronic surges and damage.

Avoid Landline Phones

Avoid using the telephone during a storm. Electric shock is possible through phone lines (unless it’s cordless).

Watch for Flooding

Stay away from any rising floodwaters, particularly when driving, as there could be danger lurking underneath. 

Avoid Water Sources

Also avoid water sources (shower, sink, and bathtub) as lightning can enter a home through its plumbing.