Call Before You Dig

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Call 811 or go to

Calling before you dig will keep you out of trouble with the law. Besides, who wants their neighbors mad at them because they caused a power outage when they dug a hole to plant a tree?

The Georgia Utilities Protection Center (UPC) provides a single point of contact for the prevention of damage to underground utility facilities, and to protect the public and construction contractors from contact with power and gas lines. Georgia law requires that anyone digging in Georgia must contact UPC at least three days before construction begins. Utilities are required to locate all underground facilities in the construction area by the end of the second business day after a locate request is made. The location of utilities will be marked to prevent accidental contact. UPC can be reached simply by dialing 811 or going to

Coastal Electric Cooperative will assist members in locating underground electrical facilities if construction will take place near the marked facilities.

Doing some work overhead?

Georgia law further requires that anyone performing any work within 10 feet of overhead high-voltage electric power lines notify the UPC during its regular business hours at least 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, prior to beginning such work. Notification allows the owner or operator of the power lines to take appropriate safety measures to prevent injury to persons and property and interruptions of utility service resulting from accidental or inadvertent contact with high-voltage electric lines.

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