Safety Center

We want to keep you safe during storms, prepared for outages, and safety-minded every day. Read on to learn how to put together an emergency supply kit and a storm plan, know the steps involved in power restoration and what you'll need to bear in mind during an emergency, and how to keep you family and food supplies safe while without power and potentially relying on a generator.

Before a Storm

Life along the Georgia coast is beautiful and a constant reminder of the awesome power of “Mother Nature." On occasion, we experience severe weather that can cause damage and even loss of life. The key is to be prepared.

A woman is holding emergency supplies


Use our handy checklist to put together a comprehensive emergency supply kit.

A person writes out a plan


A plan of action – including evacuation – will keep you ahead of severe weather outcomes.

Sign warns of electrical danger

Storm Safety

A few precautions with your electricity can assure your safety before and during the storm.

A hurricane is seen by satellite


Know what to listen for and know the difference between watches, warnings, and other alerts.

After a Storm

Outages are inevitable, but we strive to make the process of restoring power quicker and easier for our members. Find out what to expect and how to handle the situation.

A candle is burned during an outage

Outage Tips

If your power is out, there are a number of things you can do to stay safe and comfortable. 

Power lines are seen at sunset


When severe weather is predicted, we make preparations to ensure crews are ready to respond.

A well-stocked refrigerator

Food Safety

Spoilage can happen quickly, but there are some simple things you can do to avoid losing perishables.

A generator runs during an outage

Generator Safety

Generators can make life during outages much easier, but they require common sense safety.

Everyday Safety

Your safety is our priority. As part of our Commitment to Community, all of us at Coastal Electric work daily to increase electrical safety awareness for all our members.

Man's hand holding a tape measure

Safety Tips

We've got practical electrical safety advice to remember for daily life.

Bulldozer digging

Before You Dig

Planning to dig on your property? Call first, and check here for the proper safety precautions.

Safety Awareness Demo

Interested in arranging a safety demonstration for your club or classroom? We can help!