Coastal Electric Cooperative can help you achieve your educational goals. We offer three scholarship programs: Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation Academic Scholarships, Technical College Scholarships, and the Walter Harrison Scholarship.

Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation Technical College Scholarship

With 80% of today’s new jobs requiring some sort of technical post education, Coastal Electric Cooperative offers the gateway to needed training in engineering, aerospace, biomedicine, technology, logistics, robotics and other evolving vocations important to Georgia’s employers throughout the state. Our scholarship programs offer students access to the training and skills needed to compete in the global market. They are one of the ways we support our local communities and represent a significant investment by our members.

We are pleased to offer this renewable technical college scholarship to students of all ages pursuing a diploma, degree or certificate program from any of the 88 campuses of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) or a recognized electric lineman school in Georgia.

Deadline: Technical school scholarships are accepted year-round.

Eligibility: Applicant must meet the admission category requirements of a “Regular Status” student or a “Pending Admit Status” (high school seniors only), meet all requirements for admission into a selected program, and be eligible to take all courses in the program curriculum at any of the 88 campuses of the Technical College System of Georgia or a recognized electric linemen school in Georgia,

Applicant must have a home mailing address within Coastal Electric Cooperative’s service area, which is south Bryan, Liberty, Long, or McIntosh counties. The applicant does not have to be a customer of Coastal Electric Cooperative.

Full-time enrollment in a certificate or diploma program is not required and students are not required to graduate from high school with a specific GPA. However, they must have a postsecondary cumulative 2.0 GPA, at certain checkpoints, in order to maintain eligibility for scholarship renewal.

Purpose: This renewable technical college scholarship is available to students of all ages pursuing a diploma, degree, or certificate program from any of Georgia’s technical colleges. Scholarship is eligible for renewal for up to a $10,000 lifetime amount.

Judging: Applications are judged on the basis of the applicant’s statements in their application and financial need.

Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation Academic Scholarship

The Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation awards six $5,000 scholarships annually.

Purpose: The $5,000 scholarships are for undergraduate studies only and are renewable.

Eligibility: Only residents of Liberty, Long, McIntosh and south Bryan counties who are graduating high school seniors are eligible to apply.

Members of the Coastal Electric Cooperative Board of Directors, the Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation Board of Directors, employees of Coastal Electric Cooperative, or the children or grandchildren of board members or employees are not eligible to apply.

The scholarships shall be announced and awarded in May prior to the recipient’s graduation, but are contingent and subject to the scholarship recipient graduating from high school. Scholarship use must commence within one year of the date of issuance and be used within two years of the date of issuance.

Deadline: March 25, 2024

Judging: Applications are judged on the basis of the applicant’s commitment to community, integrity, accountability, innovation, and financial need.

Funding: Funds for the scholarship are raised, in part, by Coastal Electric Cooperative through Operation Round Up®, a program in which members voluntarily allow their monthly power bill to be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Those nickels and dimes are turned over to the Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation, which uses the funds to support local programs related to food, health, shelter, safety, and education.

Walter Harrison Scholarship

About the Scholarship: Walter Harrison, a native of Millen, GA was known across the state and nation as “Mr. Rural Electrification” for his pioneering efforts in the electric cooperative industry and his lifelong dedication to improving life in rural areas.

In 1985, Coastal Electric Cooperative joined with other electric cooperatives of Georgia in founding a scholarship to honor the late Walter Harrison. Coastal Electric selects three nominees to compete for the $1,000 statewide scholarships.

Since 1985, Georgia’s electric cooperatives have awarded more than $236,000 to 247 students via the Walter Harrison Scholarship program. Georgia’s electric cooperatives will award 14 Walter Harrison Scholarships in 2022 to students with exemplary academic records. Grade point average, SAT scores, academic standing, scholastic honors, and financial need are considered when determining a student’s eligibility.

Eligibility: Residents of south Bryan, Liberty, and McIntosh counties who are graduating seniors, college students, or adult students returning to school are eligible to apply. The recipient’s primary residence must be the household of a Coastal Electric Cooperative member or employee.

Purpose: The $1,000 scholarships are for undergraduate studies and are non-renewable.

Deadline: February 1, 2024