Walter Harrison Scholarship

Scholarship Fund Criteria:

1. The recipient’s primary residence must be the household of an EMC member or EMC employee. EMC members and employees are also eligible.

2. The recipient must be enrolled in an accredited program, either full-time or part-time.

3. The recipient must be an undergraduate student only.

4. The scholarship fund will be in the form of a grant program with funds being paid to the college, university or technical school.

5. A person may submit an application each year, but previous winners are not eligible for a second scholarship.

6. The scholarship fund will provide $1,000 for each scholarship winner’s educational expenses. The number of scholarships will depend on the fund earnings.

7. Scholarship use must commence within one year of date of issuance and be totally utilized within two years of the date of issuance. The school shall return any unused funds to the scholarship fund.

8. The scholarship may be used at any two-year or four-year accredited college or university in Georgia including technical schools.

9. A combination of need and academic ability will be used in determining scholarship fund winners.

10. Each EMC may submit one application for each one-time $1,000 that they have contributed to the fund to the executive committee for consideration in choosing the scholarship fund winners.

11. An executive committee will oversee the scholarship fund. This committee will consist of the Chairman of the Board of GEMC, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of GEMC, the Chairman of the Services Committee, the Manager of Planters EMC, the Manager of Excelsior EMC, and the Chief Executive Officer of GEMC (ex officio member).

12. Georgia Southern University will administer the scholarship fund.

13. Scholarship winners must notify their EMC Walter Harrison Scholarship Coordinator of their acceptance of the award and the name of the school they plan to attend by June 1st or they will forfeit the scholarship.

Deadline: February 1, 2024