Storm Terminology

Listen for these terms from news and weather sources and know what they mean. That way, once a warning is issued, you’ll be ready to take protective actions and decide the safest location to be during the storm.

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Severe Storm Watch

Severe thunderstorms are possible in your area, so remain vigilant and cautious but be aware that it is only a storm watch.

Tornado Watch

Tornadoes are possible in your area, and officials are closely monitoring the situation for developments. Remain alert for approaching storms.

Hurricane Watch

Hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. This watch should trigger your storn safety mode, including evacuation plans.

Severe Storm Warning

Severe thunderstorms are occurring in or around your area, so it’s time to be on alert and ready to start following instructions.

Tornado Warning

A tornado has been sighted or picked up on weather radar. If the sky becomes dark, move to a pre-designated safe place.

Hurricane Warning

74+ mph sustained winds are expected within 24 hours. Time to complete plans and decide where to ride out the storm.