From the CEO: The Cooperative Advantage

Watch the Annual Meeting video recap above.

Mr. Fettes' headshot
Chris Fettes, Chief Executive Officer

As a member and owner of Coastal Electric Cooperative, you enjoy certain privileges you won’t find with just any utility company. We like to call that the cooperative advantage.

Every not-for-profit cooperative operates by Seven Cooperative Principles. Cooperative Principle 2 is Democratic Member Control, and that’s what the Annual Meeting of Members and member voting is all about.

There are so many benefits to being a member and owner of an electric co-op, and one is that you have a voice in how your cooperative operates and who is making decisions on your behalf. Coastal Electric Cooperative is led by a member-elected board of nine directors, who also happens to be co-op members themselves. Each of these directors serve a three-year term before they are up for reelection to be voted on by their fellow members during the three days preceding the Annual Meeting.

Of course, the registration gifts and prize drawings are compelling reasons to drop by our office May 20-22—our friendly staff will scan the registration card attached to this very magazine cover, and you’ll go home one Lodge Cast-Iron Grill Pan richer. But there is so much more to this event. Our members’ exercising their rights to vote in director elections and register for the Annual Meeting is so important to us, we offer these gifts as just a way to say thank you for your time and participation. Every member’s voice is important.

Even after registration and voting are over, we extend our warmest invitation for you to engage in the Annual Meeting of Members on Thursday, May 23, which has been offered virtually for the past few years. This allows more people to tune in and participate than the smaller portion of members who attended in person in years past.

The virtual Annual Meeting will not only be a time to conduct official co-op business, but an occasion for members to learn about the issues affecting our community, what we are considering for the future and some of our wins and challenges over the past year. We look forward to greeting you face-to-face during registration and voting May 20-22, and we hope you’ll tune in and participate in our virtual Annual Meeting of Members on May 23 at 10 a.m.