Members save more than $300 with Cooperative Solar

Solar panels with a field of sunflowers in the foreground

The average household that subscribed to two blocks (4kw) of Cooperative Solar in 2023 saved enough money to get more than a free month’s worth of electricity.

That’s right! Members who signed up for one $25 block per month saved $156.85 last year, and members who signed up for two blocks saved $313.70—even after calculating what they paid per block.

Coastal Electric Cooperative offers our members the benefit of utility-scale solar with no holes in your roof and no contracts. Our utility-scale Cooperative Solar arrays— located in seven Georgia counties, with millions of solar panels and thousands of acres—give Coastal T Members save more than $300 with Cooperative Solar Electric’s residential members access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy without the hassles and costs associated with installing panels on their homes.

Coastal Electric’s Cooperative Solar Program allows you to choose the number of solar power blocks (limit two blocks or 4 kW) that work best for your household and pay a fixed rate. The amount of energy produced by your solar blocks will appear on your monthly bill just as if you had rooftop solar panels.

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