Rooftop solar: Call before you install

Are you considering a rooftop solar system for your home? Rooftop solar can be a significant financial investment, and one you should consider carefully. The solar installer you choose is as important as the system’s design and size. Unfortunately, there has been a significant increase in reports of consumers being misinformed by some solar installers. Be aware of solar installers that make big promises like eliminating your electric bill. In most scenarios, that’s simply not true.

A worker's gloved hands installing a solar panelBefore you hire a solar contractor, contact Coastal Electric Cooperative to learn about rate structures, interconnection agreements and Cooperative Solar. As with any major home improvement project, get bids from several contractors to compare equipment and pricing when considering solar.


As your locally owned electric co-op, Coastal Electric can help you make smart energy investments, including right-sizing a rooftop solar installation to best meet your needs, goals and financial objectives. We can help you understand your current electricity use, the factors to consider with a rooftop solar installation and what you can expect to gain from your investment.

Review resources on our website that can support your rooftop solar evaluation process, including frequently asked questions and a list of important topics to discuss with a solar installer.

Coastal Electric knows solar and can help you evaluate your solar energy options. For more information, call (800) 421-2343 to speak with an experienced energy adviser.